Designing tools/apps for UI UX designers

The need to have a specified tool for UI UX designers is possibly relevant these days in order to magnify and visualize user testing, prototyping, visual design, wireframing, optimization in the websites, apps or products are being designed. They lend accuracy and minimalize viability of the product. Products fall under the categories of UI and some under UX and then there are the ones which fit in both the brackets. The main difference between them is that User Experience (UX) is how digitally easy and efficient the product is and User Interface (UI) is how aesthetically pleasing is it to the user.

The top 8 tools/apps for the purpose are listed below :

1. Sketch

Sketch is a designing tool for MacOS users. It isn’t a free app and charges $9.99 per month subscription, but they do avail trial periods. It is best suited for UI and prototyping, with an added advantage of instant preview on mobile devices. Collaboration with other designer and project teams in uncomplicated. Another of its feature is symbols and sharing styles which allows to create interface designs and UI assets which stay consistent all over, it has handy plugins as well. The only thing to its disadvantage is that it works only MacOS systems.


2. Figma

Figma is a browser-based device and hence does not need any updating of any kind, it works on Chrome, Safari and Edge. It is the effortless and hassle-free tool for team projects and designers working in teams. It works well when there are multiple inputs coming into designing from various people like designer, copywriter, developer. The layout is huge for multiple workers and it helps in creating amazing designs, delivers mood boards, prototyping and wireframing. It also has desktop apps for Windows and MacOS. It an immensely popular design tool.


3. Marvel

Marvel is a tool equipped for beginners or people who have been practicing designing for a while, works well for UI designing. It’s an all-wrapped package for user interface, styles, designing, creating low fidelity and hi-fi wireframes, interactive prototypes. Marvel holds its main focus on Prototyping, but at the same time it has tools for each step of the designing process. Users can collaborate gestures, import screens, add screen elements; all this in a furious speed. They have free plans for single user and projects and also Pro plan which are paid. Marvel works on Browser, iOS and Android apps. Its is not as developed as other tools available, but a great choice in some aspects.


4. is another tool which specializes in Prototyping, in they assure that their prototypes feel real after they go through the UI designing software. It assists in giving you what you need to create, organize, integrate and test the accurate mockups. It helps in creating high functioning prototype but yet is user friendly for beginners, having a learning curve which works well with students. It does not have a free plan but has a 15-day free-trial period.


5. Axure

Axure is a solid choice in the market and works on extreme fidelity which has detailed prototyping and also assures tracking of the work flow with availability of mock ups. Functionality testing is present, also communication is simplified which eases out the efforts in project and teams. A free version of it is not available and also no browser version, it works on Windows and iOS. It is a perfect choice for high end and detailed projects.


6. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is an easy and accelerated tool for building wireframes. Designer or developer of any skill level can access and create amazing wire frames using Balsamiq. It encompasses both UI and UX, but stand out in the low fidelity wireframe work. Its affordable prize makes it a choice in the market for small teams and companies which are just starting off. There might not be a free plan but it comes with a 30-day free trial period.


7. Flow Mapp

Keeping track of the structure and flow, keeping an account of inputs and helping in organizing of the elements are the key features of Flow Mapp. Flow Mapp basically concerns the site mapping, structuring of designing and keeping the flow of the program intact. It has various designing elements and tools too, but it is based of content and flow tracking to be precise. It is available on browsers. You can see apps and tools emerged in combining the Ui and UX accessibility, but Flow Mapp dedicates itself to complete User Experience.


8. Origami Studio

This is a tool which is absolutely free, originally was built for the designers of Facebook but now made available for everyone to use and specializes in hi-fi prototyping. It a level above as compared to In Vision and Sketch and is a bit complex to use if you are a beginner, but does come with a minimal learning curve. This has advanced prototyping and functionality to offer. It also integrates well with Sketch if you have parallelly working.


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We are a disruptive digital design and development studio specialising in UX/UI Design, Websites, Branding and Graphics.

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Salt Design Studio

Salt Design Studio

We are a disruptive digital design and development studio specialising in UX/UI Design, Websites, Branding and Graphics.

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